Pelosi Holds Seeming Double Standard On Biden Whistleblower

Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, expressed her lack of confidence in the congressional evidence provided by IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler regarding Hunter Biden. She also criticized the entire session by Republicans, calling it a ridiculous clown show.

During the hearing, Ziegler and his IRS supervisor Gary Shapley made allegations of political interference in the prosecutorial decisions made during the lengthy federal investigation into the president’s son.

Pelosi was asked by CNN’s State of the Union anchor, Dana Bash, about the potential influence of politics. 

Pelosi, in a fit of hypocrisy, said she has respect for those who come forward with information about wrongdoing, but it is evident that, based on the hearing, they were not given a fair opportunity to express their concerns due to the chaotic nature of the proceedings involving pictures, Robert Kennedy, and his absurd presentation.

Pelosi, confused, conflated a hearing with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Ziegler hearing.

When redirected by Bash, Pelosi reiterated that she lacked confidence in the whistleblower, saying that the United States attorney was a Trump legal team member. She said the opinion presented was not the opinion of the others present. Analysts are still trying to unravel what Pelosi was trying to communicate amidst her clown show of an appearance with Bash.

Ziegler stated on Wednesday that Hunter Biden, his family members, and business colleagues received over $17 million from business deals in China, Ukraine, and Romania. Committee Chairman James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, led the hearing.

The transactions led to several million dollars in payments to businesses connected to the Biden family from 2014 to 2019. The highest payment, $7.3 million, came from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

Ziegler and Shapley assert that the Justice Department, FBI, and IRS were involved in the investigation of Hunter Biden and that political factors influenced the decisions made regarding the case.