Pelosi Wants Media To Blacklist Donald Trump

( Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House, has never been a fan of former President Donald Trump. 

Even though she’s no longer in a leadership position in the House – after choosing to take a step back from those duties following her re-election during the midterm elections last year – she’s still going off on Trump. 

Pelosi appeared with Joy Reid for an interview on MSNBC recently, and she took plenty of time to complain that politicians and many media organizations are giving him “all the press he wants.”

She said:

“It’s a very sad thing that it’s happened to our country that they would have an assault on our constitution that day to certify who the president would be, on our Capitol, the pillar of democracy to the world. On our Congress of the United States, out to get us. They were out to get me and stuff. And of course, him. At the direction of Donald Trump, a very sick person.”

She added:

“I think that we spend too much time talking about him. Let’s talk about what other possibilities are for the future because this was a real taint on our democracy to have that person there. And it’s no use spending time going into it. Let’s spend time on how we go into the future, what are the possibilities in terms of who they might nominate. But we cannot keep giving him all the press he wants.”

The problem with what Pelosi is saying is that Trump is an official candidate for president in 2024. So, of course, media outlets are giving him press, and politicians are talking about him.

While Pelosi would like nothing more than to move on from Trump, the country hasn’t done so. He’s still got plenty of supporters, and he’s very likely to garner a ton of support among voters in both the GOP primaries and – if he wins the Republican nomination – in the general election against the Democratic candidate.

It must really be getting to Pelosi that, even though Trump isn’t in office, he’s capturing way more headlines than she or even the leader of her party, President Joe Biden, seems to. Not all of the headlines about Trump are positive, of course, but he’s certainly on the top of people’s minds every time they think of politics.

Still, Pelosi tried to explain to Reid what media organizations should be doing. During the interview, she said:

“This whole thing about his indictment coming out when he didn’t really know if he was going to be indicted, I don’t think. How would he know? He’s not supposed to know. How would he know? And that’s been a while. And for a week and a half, all we hear is about him. And that’s exactly what he wanted. So let’s forget – let’s put him aside and let’s go into the future.”

As much as Pelosi would like to think otherwise, there’s a very real possibility that Trump will be a big part of America’s political future.