Pence to Speak at South Carolina Pregnancy Center Dinner

( Former Vice President Mike Pence is reportedly considering his own presidential run, which would explain why he is returning to South Carolina – an early-voting state – to give the keynote speech at a fundraising event for a Christian pregnancy center.

The Carolina Pregnancy Center has become a popular stop for Republican presidential candidates over the last few presidential cycles, and while rumors have circulated that Pence is planning his own run, this latest move is the clearest indication yet that we could see Trump and Pence go head to head in 2024.

The Associated Press confirmed Pence’s plans after obtaining a copy of invitations for the event. The pro-life ministry provides adoption services and Christian counseling, as well as free supplies to women who choose to go ahead with their pregnancies even if they are unplanned.

South Carolina isn’t the first state to hold its primaries, but it is the first state in the south. Candidates from both the Republicans and Democrats often spend a great deal of time in the state, meeting people, showing their faces, and ensuring that people know their names. For Republicans, it involves attending events at popular conservative venues and hosted by conservative organizations.

Being pro-life is a big selling point for Mike Pence, a true conservative his whole life. Pence also attended an event hosted by a conservative, Christian nonprofit group in South Carolina after the end of the Trump administration roughly one year ago. It was his first post-White House appearance.

Behind the scenes, Pence is running a political operation designed to keep him in the public eye – but perhaps not too much. His post-White House team has focused on lining up fundraising and speaking events for the former vice president, as well as building up new political relationships and exploring what it might take for Pence to successfully take the Republican nomination.

The question is…is Pence waiting to see whether or not former President Donald Trump is running? Or would he go head-to-head with the former president regardless?

If so, this could get messy.