Pentagon Scared Of Russia And China Having “Star Wars” Weapons

( In a column at Fox News, former intelligence officer Rebekah Koffler wrote that intelligence experts from the Pentagon and the CIA last month met to discuss Russian and Chinese advances in high-tech space weapons.

Koffler writes that as technology advances, the danger of space warfare increases.

According to Koffler both Russia and China have been developing “a broad range of anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons,” including lasers, jammers, and orbital interceptors that can approach a satellite and destroy it.

She said less destructive weapons like jamming and electronic warfare are advantageous because they can be used before an armed conflict begins to “destabilize the opponent’s society and create chaos.”

In short, knocking out US satellites could take down phones, the internet, and GPS systems, disrupting everything from communications to banking to traffic lights.

The most destructive ASAT in existence is a “ground-based direct-ascent mobile missile,” that can permanently destroy spacecraft in low-earth orbit.

One such weapon is Russia’s PL-19 Nudol which was tested in November 2021 against the Russian COSMOS 1408 satellite. During the test, Nudol destroyed the satellite leaving only 1,500 pieces of trackable orbital debris.

In 2021, China launched a dual test of a hypersonic weapon and a fractional orbital bombardment which the head of US Strategic Command described as a capability “never before seen in the world.”

Koffler writes that with operation systems like fractional orbital bombardment and space-to-ground weapons, Russia and China could easily offset the United States’ conventional weapons superiority. This would likely make them more confident about engaging in conflict with the US.

Since Russia and China consider space as another “warfighting domain,” Koffler writes, last month’s top-secret Pentagon discussions are vital.

The discussions brought in experts from US Space Command, the Missile Defense Agency, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the CIA for classified briefings followed by what Koffler describes as a “highly classified tabletop wargame.”

Read Koffler’s column HERE.