Penton Spox Sends Alarming Threatening Message To Putin

( The Pentagon is ramping up rhetoric against Russian President Vladimir Putin, and at the same time, inadvertently revealing that President Joe Biden might not be the best at intimidation tactics.

Following a summit between President Joe Biden and the Russian leader after this year’s G7 summit, the Democrats had hoped that Russia would take action on the various cyberattacks and ransomware schemes coming out of the country…but they just keep on coming.

And on Friday’s episode of “New Day” on CNN, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that U.S. authorities “hope” that President Putin isn’t ignoring Biden’s warnings.

That isn’t exactly the most confidence-inspiring thing to hear from the Pentagon, is it?

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar seemed to pick up on the fact that Russia hasn’t made any moves recently that indicate an improved relationship between our two countries and asked Kirby if Putin just isn’t listening to Biden’s warning.

“Well, we certainly hope not,” he responded.

Kirby added that he thinks President Biden was “very clear” about how seriously the United States takes these threats. He said that there is a sense of responsibility that Moscow should feel about ransomware attacks emanating from Russia, but didn’t confirm what he knows about President Vladimir Putin’s feelings over the attacks.

He also indicated that there are “potential repercussions” for Moscow if nothing is done about the continued attacks, but he didn’t expand on that.

“I don’t think we want to be on a war footing for cyberattacks,” he added, but said that the U.S. is i=vigilant and will continue to work on the resilience of American networks to defend against these attacks.

He also said that if President Putin is to “act responsibly” then we may be able to avoid a “war footing.”

The last thing we need is a war led by President Joe Biden…

Watch the interview with Kirby here.