Peter Theil Just Dumped Millions Behind This Candidate After A Bump In The Polls

( According to the Washington Post, venture capitalist and GOP megadonor Peter Thiel gave $3.5 million to the super PAC backing Blake Masters in Arizona’s tough Republican Senate race.

The extra $3.5 million into the super PAC supporting Masters, Saving Arizona, would increase his total investment in the Republican candidate’s campaign to $13.5 million. Saving Arizona received a $10 million donation from Thiel over a year ago when it began to promote Masters, a friend and former employee of the mega-donor.

The news of Thiel’s cash infusion comes as reports say that Masters has taken a strong lead in the Senate primary polls, beating out Attorney General Mark Brnovich and businessman Jim Lamon.

Saving Arizona, the super PAC that received Thiel’s extra $3.5 million, commissioned the survey. Masters had a four-point advantage over his two opponents. In the poll, Masters received 22 percent of the vote, while Brnovich and Lamon received 18 percent. The survey had a 3.46 percent margin of error, and other contenders, Mick McGuire, and Justin Olson received 7% and 2%, respectively, with 34% undecided.

After J.D. Vance’s primary victory in the Ohio Republican Senate primary on May 3, Thiel allegedly upped his first seed money for the super PAC.

Thiel also contributed $10 million to a super PAC backing Vance, which gained an extra $3.5 million after receiving an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, which Masters is also seeking, and another $1.5 million in the last days of the race. Vance, like Masters, is a former Thiel employee and buddy.

According to a person who spoke anonymously, Thiel and Trump talked on the phone after Vance’s victory. Thiel has accompanied both candidates to their meetings with the previous president.

In November, the victor of the Republican primary will face Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ).

Thiel, the first significant investor in Facebook, which has since rebranded as “Meta,” recently resigned from the social media giant’s board of directors to focus on helping Republican midterm candidates such as Vance and Masters in the 2022 elections.