Pfizer Partnered With Wuhan-Linked Chinese Company Supplying ‘Military Combat’ Efforts.

( New reports suggest that Pfizer Inc., the American pharmaceutical company, worked with a Chinese pharmaceutical firm with connections to the Chinese military.

Natalie Winters reported that Pfizer signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese pharmaceutical group Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co. Lord back in April of 2011. The agreement was designed to allow the two companies to “jointly pursue potential business opportunities in China.”

“The potential partnership is intended to leverage both companies’ strengths,” a press release from the two companies revealed, adding that the Chinese company would match Pfizer’s global capabilities in “developing innovative medicines” and establishing a greater reach in the Chinese market.

The press release also described how the companies would explore future opportunities to work together, including improving “distribution and commercialization, research and development activities, manufacturing and equity investment opportunities.”

What’s so troubling about this, though, is that Shanghai Pharmaceuticals has previously supported major military combat efforts of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. That’s precisely the kind of company that qualified for sanctions based on Trump-era rules that banned American companies from investing in or working with companies that have connections to the Chinese military.

The links were only recently unearthed. Winters explains how the Chinese firm is subject to Article 7 of the Chinese National Intelligence law that requires any Chinese business or organization to “support, assist, and cooperate with state intelligence work.”

Why is an American pharmaceutical company investing time, energy, and resources into a foreign company that works with a military that poses a great risk to all Western nations?