Planned Parenthood Attempts to UNDO Temporary Texas Ban, Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

(TheLibertyRevolution.Com)- The abortion industry is relentless. Even during a time of national crisis, Planned Parenthood and abortion providers in the state of Texas are planning to take a temporary ban on procedures to the Supreme Court.

In a press release, Planned Parenthood announced that Texas abortion providers would be represented by lawyers from the Center for Reproductive rights, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and the Lawyering Project. Attorneys are requesting that the Supreme Court take emergency action to end the temporary ban and allow providers to continue killing unborn babies while the country battles the coronavirus pandemic.

The move isn’t just distasteful, and it doesn’t just fly in the face of common decency at a time when people should be practicing social distancing, but it could also rob medical professionals of essential personal protective equipment.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott banned most abortion services in Texas while the country fights the Chinese coronavirus so that medical equipment like masks and gloves could be redirected to the doctors and nurses who need them most. Reopening abortion clinics across the country would mean thousands of pieces of medical equipment would be held onto by abortion providers, potentially leaving nurses treating coronavirus patients without essential protection.

Thankfully, it looks like the Supreme Court may not have a choice but to uphold the decision. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals already confirmed that the state has the right to temporarily ban all abortions until April 21.

Lawyers representing state abortion providers, however, claim that the decision by the court to support the decision “plainly departs from settled principles of law and has already resulted in serious and irreparable injury.”

The statement does not, however, reflect on the fact that abortion clinics are using essential medical supplies that could be used to save lives, rather than end them.

Alexis McGill Johnson, the acting president and CEO of Planned Parenthood also issued a statement claiming, “Now is the time to be making abortion more accessible, not less.”

Is it, really?