Police Arrest 4 In Shocking Raid

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- A potential devastating and violent situation was avoided in Denver, Colorado, thanks to a tip a hotel maid gave to security officials.

On Sunday night, four suspects were taken into custody after authorities found they had several guns in a hotel room located near the city’s baseball stadium. Coors Field is set to host the Major League Baseball All-Star Game on Tuesday night, with the annual Home Run Derby happening Monday night.

While the FBI said there hasn’t been any immediate indication that the game itself or any events surrounding it were the target of the suspects, police were very concerned about a mass shooting.

The Denver Post reported that police were fearing a “Las Vegas-style shooting” akin to the 2017 massacre that happened at a concert in the city. In that instance, a shooter killed more than 60 people who were attending a concert outside a hotel from a perch in his hotel room.

In Denver on Sunday, police recovered body armor, more than 1,000 ammunition rounds and 16 long guns from the suspects. After the weapons were discovered, SWAT personnel and other law enforcement officials descended on the Maven Hotel.

Law enforcement was notified of the potential problem by a maid at the hotel who observed “a bunch of guns laid out” in one of the rooms.

Three men and one woman were arrested as part of the incident. One of the men allegedly posted to his Facebook page that he divorced recently and wanted to “go out in a big way.”

Two male suspects as well as the female suspect are being investigated on potential charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with the intent to distribute.

The male suspects were identified as 48-year-old Gabriel Rodriguez, 44-year-old Ricardo Rodriguez and 42-year-old Richard Platt. All are being charged with possession of a weapon by a previous offender.

The female suspect was identified as 43-year-old Kanoelehua Serikawa.

Hotel guests told local Fox affiliates that they received a phone call that told them to stay in their hotel rooms as police were conducting an investigation. When they asked hotel security about the incident, they were told a maid found weapons, leading the hotel to call law enforcement authorities.

After arriving at the hotel, Denver police searched two separate rooms and also impounded two vehicles.

Another similar incident happened only about a week ago in Chicago. There, a 32-year-old man from Iowa was arrested after police found a loaded pistol, rifle and laser scope in his hotel room.

The man was staying at a hotel on Lakeside Drive, not far from where the city’s July 4 fireworks celebration was set to take place. The man, Keegan Casteel, is being charged with two felony counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

In that case, a service worker who was cleaning the hotel rooms also discovered the guns and ammunition in the hotel room.

Luckily, in both cases, the service workers reported the incident to the hotel management, which then promptly contacted law enforcement.