Police Unveil “Pride Cruiser” To Push People To Report “Hate Crimes”

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- The Columbus, Ohio Division of Police has come under fire on social media for displaying a “pride cruiser” car with the LGBT rainbow flag and urging people to “report hate crimes.”

A video clip of “LGBTI+ liaison officer” Officer Lutz introducing the car was released to the police department’s official Twitter account.

“And now, we’re revealing our Pride Cruiser for June,” says Lutz in the video.

Lutz says that this cruiser is wonderful for representation and is enthusiastic about it.

Along with the new “progress pride flag,” which incorporates non-binary, intersex, and transgender colors, the car is decorated with multicolored rainbow decals.

The words “REPORT HATE CRIMES” are written in blue capital letters on the vehicle’s two sides.

Even liberals, meanwhile, found the video offensive. One of them asked if they should report the hate crime when CPD officers are killing Black people?

One Tweeter asked who they were expected to report the hate crime to when “y’all are doing it.”

Some responders questioned the lack of their representation.

“Can a nuclear family cruiser roll out next? No?” one asked sarcastically.

Another person said that he could promise that most cops and staff are humiliated by this garbage.

Bruce Hooley, a radio broadcaster, said, incredulously, that this is the goal of Mayor Ginther following high murder totals in 2020 and 2021.
In the WeLoveTrump.com comment section, a reader quipped- “Oh, no! Now there is a Gay Gestapo.”

Others chimed in, saying, “I’m sure armed thugs will drop their firearms when they see the police cruiser’s Pride rainbow heart, ‘Love is Love’ window decal and transgender flag bumper sticker.”

Joe Biden declared June “Pride Month” and urged “more” to be done for the LGBTQI+ community. However, among the activities thus far was a drag show for kids called “Drag the Kids to Pride” in Texas, and only one senator from the United States acknowledged support for a ban on “kid-friendly” drag performances.

Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kansas, reacted to the findings by saying, “What happened to children’s youthful innocence? The far left in our country has developed a preoccupation with the hypersexualization and grooming of young children.”