Poll Shows Big Majority of Americans Think Social Media Companies Have WAY Too Much Power

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Most people use them, but it doesn’t mean most people like them. A new poll shows that the majority of Americans think that social media giants hold way too much power when it comes to politics. The study from Pew Research Center gives us an insight into how most people think about social media platforms and their own political bias. Some 72% said that Twitter, Google, and Facebook are wielding too much power…and it’s not just Republicans who think it.

Some 63% of Democrats even believe the tech giants have too much control. Revealing, huh?

The report also shows that around half of Americans think there should be more regulation controlling these social media giants.

The poll was conducted between June 16 and 22, and made a point of asking people their political affiliations. Discovering that most Democrats think even the social media giants have too much power is interesting, given that the social media companies are overwhelmingly (or completely) supportive of Democratic candidates.

When was the last time you heard about people being banned from using the platforms of these big social media giants? It doesn’t happen.

Republicans are still more likely to express the view, however, with some 82% expressing concern about the huge amount of power wielded by the companies.

Pew performed a similar study back in 2018, and the results were largely the same. However, Pew does acknowledge that there has been a significant shift by party and ideology in the results. Some 48% of Republicans now believe the government should regulate the tech giants, and some 46% of Democrats said the same thing. Support from the Democrats for regulating big tech companies has decreased by 11% over the last two years, likely a result of the bias shown in favor of their campaigns.

Republicans, however, have largely stayed the same on this issue since 2018. Around half of conservative voters appear to be in favor of regulation of the giants despite generally opposing unnecessary government intervention.

I guess this isn’t so unnecessary, though!