Poll Shows Majority Of U.S. Support Voter Id Laws

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Did you hear about far-left Georgia “voting rights” activist Stacey Abrams flip-flopping on voter ID recently? She said that she could support a compromise on the “For the People Act” put forward by West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin even if it included voter ID as a requirement, wrongly claiming during a network TV interview that Democrats have never been opposed to voter ID.

Despite her literally saying it was “Jim Crow in a suit and tie.”


Well, it looks as though the reason why Democrats are pulling back on this is not just because Senator Manchin won’t give them his vote, but also because opposing voter ID is deeply unpopular among the American voting public.

According to a Monmouth University Poll, most Americans believe that early voting should be made easier and that all voters should be required to show photographic ID to prove who they are when they cast a ballot.

What made the Democrats think for even a moment that voter ID was racist or that the American public would oppose it?

Less than one in five Americans oppose voter ID, which is a tiny fraction of the public and completely out of step with Democrats. A huge portion of Congressional Democrats have claimed in recent years that voter ID is racist and restricts voting access, with many throwing their weight behind the “For the People Act” which would do away with voter ID and make it easier for illegal aliens to vote.

Sadly, the poll also found that many Americans think that mail-in voting should be made easier – which would open the door to more election fraud and misconduct. In the last election, mass mail-in voting meant it was harder for election officials to keep track of legitimate votes and potentially allowed tens of thousands of votes to be counted without proper signature or identity verification.

89% of Democrats said that they want to make early voting easier, and even 56% of Republicans said that same. For mail-in voting, 84% of Democrats said that they want to make it easier and only 26% of Republicans said that same.

However, 69% of Americans also said that there should be national guidelines to manage mail-in voting, which could potentially help prevent fraud.

Is this the reason Democrats are backing off on their insane opposition to voter ID?