Poll Suggests GOP Leaders Not Conservative Enough!

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- If establishment Republicans and RINOs like Senator Mitt Romney think that they can enjoy greater political success by adopting some left-wing social values from the Democrats…they should probably think again.

A new poll just revealed how half of Republican voters believe that the GOP base is growing more conservative than its leadership, suggesting that Republican politicians must adapt to the new Republican Party or become obsolete.

A Rasmussen Reports survey that was released on Thursday showed that 50% of Republican supporters believe that voters are “more conservative” than the leadership.

It’s one of the strongest indications yet that the GOP base believes that party leadership is more liberal than it should be. It’s so obvious that even a plurality of Democrats and Independents agreed with the notion, too, with 41% of Democrats saying the leadership is more liberal than the voters, and 36% of Independents also suggesting the same.

28% of Republican supporters said that GOP voters and leadership are about the same, and 15% of Republicans said that GOP voters are more liberal than the party leadership.

The fact that 15% of GOP voters and supporters think that the voters are more liberal than the leadership could be explained by a couple of things. It may simply be an outlier, which every poll has, and it may also represent some of the less informed people who support the party.

It may also be a result of people having different ideas about what “leadership” really means. If people believe that ultra-conservative figures in the GOP are technically “leaders,” then this might be the case in some states. However, when the GOP has party leaders like Senator Mitch McConnell…it’s hard to claim that leadership is more conservative than the voters.

The survey was taken between May 31 and June 1 this year.

In the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections, the poll should be a reminder to Republican elected officials that their voters are really watching what they vote for, what they advocate, and how they present themselves.