Pompeo Warns African Nations Of Chinese Intervention

(TheLibertyRevolution.com) –  As he makes his way around Africa as part of a tour of the continent, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants nations to know that they need to be cautious when dealing with China. Instead of establishing economic partnerships with the Communist country, Pompeo said a deal with the United States would work out better for everyone.

On Wednesday, he told an audience in Ethiopia to, “Be wary of authoritarian regimes and their empty promises.” Cooperating with the U.S. would be a path to “true liberation” for African nations that are struggling economically.

In his three-day tour to Angola, Senegal and Ethiopia, Pompeo has been pushing for the support of U.S. businesses such as Chevron, Coca-Cola and Citibank. He also has been pushing for the economic liberation of African nations that right now are underwater.

Pompeo drew comparisons to “failed socialist experiments of years past” that some African countries attempted. The alternative to the future, he said, was liberation through partnership with the thriving United States.

The American concern regarding Africa is the simply massive amount of investment China has made in Africa. Many countries on the continent are benefitting with new infrastructure and economic projects due to these Chinese investments, but what the long-term effects of them will be are anyone’s guess at this point.

Pompeo’s trip ended without him announcing any new major policies or procedures.

There is plenty of speculation about what the U.S. future will be in Africa, especially following the decision to add both Eritrea and Nigeria to the list of countries with an immigration ban. The Department of Homeland Security recently made those additions, but citizens of both countries aren’t completely banned from the U.S. — they can still travel here for both pleasure and business.

There is also plenty of talk that the United States plans to soon significantly reduce the presence of troops in the Sahel, a region south of the Sahara Desert that has experienced a recent surge in the presence of terrorist organizations. ISIS and Al-Qaeda offshoots have set up shop there, which originally led to more than 1,000 American troops being deployed there in support of French military forces that are fighting those groups.

Taking troops out of Africa may not be so easy, though. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina has reportedly said he would make Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s life “hell” if the president’s administration were to withdrawal troops from Africa.

Africa may not seem like a key region of the country to make alliances, but with China meddling so much in affairs of unstable nations there — and with terrorist cells setting up shop — there’s no harm in trying to do some good old-fashioned American politicking. Pompeo’s tour may not have resulted in any tangible agreement now, but it could go a long way in influencing African leaders to think twice before jumping into bed with China.