Pope Francis Says We Are In A “World War”

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- In a recent interview, Pope Francis described Russia’s war in Ukraine as a “world war” that will not end for some time.

Calling the war in Ukraine “terrifying,” the pope told a Spanish newspaper that the “enormous cruelty” in the war is “very serious” and he would decry it “continuously.”

The pontiff revealed that he has been in contact with one of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s religious advisors.

Francis also revealed that in 2013, shortly after becoming pope, he penned a resignation letter in case he has an accident or becomes seriously ill.

When asked what gift he would like for Christmas, the pope said “Peace in the World.”

He said while the war in Ukraine “touches us more closely,” there are so many wars throughout the world, including in Yemen, Myanmar, and Syria “where fighting has continued for 13 years.”

In August, Pope Francis called for a permanent ceasefire between all warring nations, saying the world is experiencing a “third World War” that is being fought bit by bit.

During his weekly General Audience before Christmas, the pope again touched on the war in Ukraine, urging Christians to spend less money on Christmas this year so they could send money to the people of Ukraine.

The Pope said while it is always nice to celebrate Christmas and have parties for the holiday, “let’s lower the level of Christmas spending” by offering “more humble gifts.” He said the money people save can then be sent to the Ukrainian people “who are in need” and “suffer so much.”

He said the faithful should remember to keep Ukrainians in their hearts, but added that they should also “make that concrete gesture for them.”

In mid-December, it was reported that Russia’s Foreign Ministry received an apology from the Vatican for remarks the pope made in November when he described the Chechens and Buryats as the “cruelest” soldiers fighting in Ukraine.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin, said the Holy See deeply respects the dignity, faith, and culture of all Russian people.