Popular Whistleblower Twitter Account Exposing Teachers Shut Down

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- A Twitter account dedicated to exposing extremist teachers who teach young children about Critical Race Theory, sex, and other entirely inappropriate ideas, has been banned from Twitter.

The account, known as “@Teachers_Exposed,” became popular for exposing the extent to which teachers across the country are teaching children that black students are oppressed and white students are inherently racist.

A screenshot of a notification from Twitter sent to the account, which you can see here, shows that the account has been permanently removed. Twitter’s excuse? That the owner of the account was engaging in “ban evasion.”

Yeah, sure.

In an interview with conservative news site The Post Millennial, the owner of the account said that they had previously had a parody account banned by Twitter in November of last year. But you know that Twitter was honestly looking for any excuse…

The account owner, who chose to remain anonymous, said that they had not received any warnings about violating Twitter rules before the ban was implemented.

“So it was taken down at approximately 12:30 pm Mountain Standard Time,” the owner of the account said, adding that it was interesting to see that their account suddenly had zero followers upon logging back in.

“And then I finally discovered that my account had been completely taken down, and then I got an email saying that it was taken down for, what was it…something…ban evasion,” they said, adding that Twitter is “censoring truth.”

The world already knows that by now…

The account, before it was banned, never violated any rules or encouraged violence. All it did was post unedited videos and screenshots of teachers who had already put themselves out into the world. The account just made it easier for the world to see how politicized so many (mostly young) teachers have become.

Why doesn’t Twitter want parents to know the truth about what their children are being taught in school?