Prince Andrew Spotted After He Was Declared A “Recluse”

( A few days after being mentioned in Ghislaine Maxwell’s first prison interview, Andrew was photographed while riding horses.

On the Windsor Estate, the Duke of York might be seen scowling while riding a dark black horse.

It comes barely a week after the convicted trafficker of underage girls, Maxwell, said that she feels “so horrible” for her “close friend” Andrew.

“I’m really sorry for him,” she said.

Because of his association with Maxwell and her disgraced ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Epstein, The Prince has been under much criticism and scrutiny.

It was difficult for Andrew to distance himself from the criminal duo despite a picture of him with accused trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre that he claims were staged and his terrible interview with Emily Maitlissn.

Maxwell even revealed in two explosive interviews, one conducted face-to-face in jail, how she is now certain Andrew is a victim of fabricated evidence.

When informed that the Prince’s attorneys had asserted they had never been close, Maxwell, 60, appeared startled and sadly added, “I recognize that this friendship could not survive my conviction.”

For the first time, she also discussed her associations with former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump and her connection to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, whom she called “the worst regret of my life.”

Maxwell discussed her sorrow over her relationship with wealthy financier and abuser Epstein in her first interview since her arrest in July 2020. She claimed that her relationship with Epstein had transformed her into a “wicked witch” hate figure and harmed those she loved. She also admitted that she wished she could go back in time.

Maxwell acknowledges, “I mentioned in my court statement that meeting Epstein was the greatest mistake of my life.”

Of course, if I could go back in time, I would avoid running into him and choose otherwise.

She lost other friends due to her connections to the tycoon, who was discovered dead in his cell in 2019 at 66 while awaiting trial on trafficking allegations.

Another connection she cherished was with the former US President Bill Clinton, who flew aboard the tycoon’s “Lolita Express” private jet.

It was a unique bond that lasted for many years, she claimed.

“We connected well.”

She said Andrew is just another victim, but because of his connection to Jeffrey, She feels awful about it. She recognizes that he, like other people, can no longer regard her as a friend.