Pro-Trump Pundit Reveals Assassination Threats Against Her

( Pro-Trump, conservative pundit DeAnne Lorraine, claimed recently that she received death threats from fans of singer Megan Thee Stallion after she criticized her music online.

Have you heard of Megan Thee Stallion? We haven’t…

Lorraine, who is also a former congressional candidate, was one of a number of conservative pundits who came out against the “WAP” music video and single she released with rapper Cardi B. On her Twitter account, which has since been suspended, Lorraine said that the two pop and rap singers “set the entire female gender back by 100 years” with the song.

In case you’re not familiar with it, “WAP” refers to “wet a** p*ssy,” and is one of the most graphic songs in the charts today.

Popular culture media outlet TMZ reported on Wednesday how Lorraine told them that she fears for her life after fans of the singers began sending her death threats for criticizing their music. It comes after a new music video for a song called “Thot Sh*t” was released showing Megan getting revenge against a conservative politician who criticized her music.

Lorraine told the outlet how, back in 2020 when she criticized the “WAP” music video, she was flooded with thousands of emails, social media messages, phone calls, and texts from supports and fans of the rappers threatening her.

The report, which you can see here, showed some of the threats she received.

“We got your address b*tch keep it cute we’re not Cardi B fans we were really pull up and beat tf out u,” one message reads.

“We’re outside sleep with one eye opened,” another message reads.

But the Democrats never talk about the violence directed towards Republicans, eh?

TMZ then ended the piece by complaining that Lorraine referred to people making violent threats as “these people” – a clear effort to suggest she was making an anti-Black slur.

Can the media get any lower?