Prosecutor Says If Trump Is Prosecuted In NY York, He Will Be Jailed In Florida

( After the Democrats failed twice to convict former President Donald Trump in sham impeachment hearings, the narrative has now shifted to suggestions that he may end up in a prison in Florida for committing…well, who knows.

According to former Justice Department official Andrew Weissman, a top prosecutor in Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation into alleged Russian collusion by the Trump campaign in 2016, the former president could be stopped from running again in 2024 by a criminal suit. Even though the Mueller investigation found that there was no evidence whatsoever that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia.

They couldn’t impeach him, so they want to throw him behind bars and stop him from running for office again…

“This happens all the time in foreign countries, where essentially you have people who are sort of imprisoned in a country. Here, Donald Trump would be imprisoned in Florida,” Weissman said to MSNBC last week, without explaining exactly what crime the former president is guilty of breaking.

“If he went overseas, if he went to any other state, he would be subject to those laws, and so he would really have to stay in Florida. It certainly would be quite an interesting issue if he were to, for instance — this is way down the road — but if he were to try and run again for president, he would not be inhabiting the White House in that situation because there would be papers seeking his extradition to New York,” he continued, again without explaining what exactly President Trump has done that deserves a prison sentence.

Weissman played a significant role in the Mueller investigation and successfully secured convictions against Trump campaign officials Rick Gates and Paul Manafort – though both convictions had nothing to do with the false Russian collusion allegations.

The former Justice Department official even speculated that Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may intervene if the former president is arrested, with statute leaving room for interpretation that the governor has authority to “order a review and potentially not comply with the extradition notice.”

Again, he didn’t say what President Trump is guilty of.

Democrats are so desperate to put Trump behind bars and stop him from running again in 2024…why might that be?