Putin Is Offering Cash Offers To Troops, Intel Says

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Russia is stooping to new lows in its continued war against Ukraine.

Intelligence coming out of western countries says that Russia is probably incentivizing members of its armed forces by paying them cash bonuses. It’s being used as a way to continue to motivate these people to fight even harder in the war against Ukraine.

The British Defense Ministry has been providing daily updates on the war between Russia and Ukraine since it began back in late February. In one of the most recent updates, intelligence showed that Russia was “struggling to motivate” all of their auxiliary forces, which are aiding the Russian military in its fight in the Donbas.

Much of the war has been centered in this region of Ukraine to the eastern edge of the country. As the daily update reads:

“Russia is likely increasingly struggling to motivate the auxiliary forces it is using to augment its regular troops in the Donbas. Commanders are probably resorting to direct financial incentives, while some combat units are deemed unreliable for offensive operations.”

The British Defense Ministry said that, ironically, Russia has limited its own power of “legal coercion” since they labeled this war as “a special military operation” rather than a full-blown war.

The daily update showed that social media platforms in Ukraine on August 15 showed a video being circulated that featured some members of Russia’s forces refusing to deploy. These members of the LPR, or Luhansk People’s Republic, refused to be part of the offensive that was about to take place in the Donetsk Oblast.

They were saying that they carried out what their duties were in seizing full control of the region back in July. As such, they were unwilling to continue fighting, even as they were being intimidated and threatened by senior commanders in the Russian armed forces.

The cash bonus payout, then, is apparently a way that Russia is trying to convince these ancillary military members to continue fighting for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “cause.”

There have been some other major developments recently in Russia that have also gotten big headlines. One is that the daughter of the person who was being called Putin’s “brain” was killed Saturday night in Moscow when a car exploded.

The woman killed was Daria Dugina, who is the daughter of Alexander Dugin. The latter is considered a far-right nationalist who many people believe is very close to Putin and his inner circle.

The 29-year-old Dugina was sitting in her father’s car Saturday night when it exploded. Many people believe that the blast was intended to kill Alexander Dugin, but that his daughter was just caught in the crossfire.

The father and daughter were coming back from a festival that was being held near Moscow. While they were both supposed to be traveling back home in the same vehicle, the BBC reported that Dugin last minute decided that he would travel separately.

Russia opened its own investigation into Dugina’s murder to try to find out the perpetrator — and whether it’s someone from inside of Russia or a foreign person or group.