Putin Operative Gave Democrats Over $500k

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- According to a report by The National Pulse, a former Managing Trustee of the Democratic National Committee once lobbied on behalf of the Russian government.

John Raffaelli, a former Managing Trustee of the Democratic national Committee, lobbied as an American representative of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which was just sanctioned by U.S. President Joe Biden. Known as the RDIF, it is a sovereign wealth fund that was established back when Vladimir Putin was the Prime Minister of Russia.

Raffaelli’s association with the sanctioned Russian investment fund was revealed through Foreign Agent Registration Act filings from 2014. The documents revealed the Raffaeli provided “government relations consulting services” via his Capitol Counsel company. He explained how his firm aimed to “educate and explain’ the role of the RDIF to American officials, helping communicate with American partners and investors, and also communicating with the Department of Treasury on behalf of the organization.

His compensation? A whopping $45,000 per month for his retainer fee.

Further documents, The National Pulse revealed, show how Raffaeli has used his fortune to donate to major Democrat campaigns – including hundreds of donations to the likes of failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Those donations amounted to more than $500,000.

It suggests that money from this Russian organization may have been funneled to Democratic candidates in national elections, without anyone even batting an eyelid.

And Hillary Clinton had the gall to accuse former President Donald Trump of relying on Russian support to win in 2016. Ow does she explain this?

Raffaelli even provided services. For the 1992 Clinton for President campaign, he served on the national finance committee of the 1996 Clinton-Gore ticket, and then as the vice chairman for John Kerry’s presidential campaign’s finance committee.

If links like this were uncovered within the Republican Party, don’t you think the mainstream media would be in a state of total meltdown?