Putin Reportedly Moves His Family To Nuclear Fallout Shelter

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Left-wing, globalist billionaire Bill Ackman has called on the United States to dive head-first into the war between Ukraine and Russia, suggesting that the United States military should intervene and stop Russian President Vladimir Putin from achieving his goal of taking control of large parts of Ukraine.

Despite the clear risk of initiating World War Three, Ackman thinks it’s worth it.

In a series of tweets, Ackman called on President Joe Biden to do something about the crisis, asking if there is a point at which it becomes “un-American” to sit back and watch the crisis unfold.

“We are fighting an economic war with Russia. We are supplying weapons and intelligence with our allies, and the Ukrainians are putting up an incredible fight,” he said, adding that the Russian military has shown itself to be weak and lacking in morale.

He added that the Russian air force “can’t achieve air superiority” and Putin is rallying the nuclear saber because he is “desperate.”

“Do we wait for him to kill millions before we intervene?” he asked.

Here’s the thing – Putin likely won’t kill millions and the sanctions against Russia are already having a substantial impact on the nation’s economy. It is only a matter of time before Russia runs out of options – and American military intervention is not necessary. It would also result in bombs being dropped on American soil.

Why is it that rich billionaires are always happy to put the lives of the working people on the line?

Notice how right-wing billionaires aren’t calling for American lives to be lost over foreign wars? Trump included…