Putin’s Comments Drive Down Europe’s Gas Prices as Blame Game Continues

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Only a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he would allow Russia to sell natural gas to European buyers through its domestic market, the soaring gas prices in Europe immediately dropped.

On Wednesday, President Putin said that as demand for gas increased amidst the global recovery from 2020’s disastrous economic lockdowns, he will encourage Russian suppliers to sell gas to Europe. It immediately solved the rising cost of gas in the continent. Putin said that the spot-buyer solution working alongside normal long-term contracts will help suppliers provide their customers with the energy they need without entering new long-term contracts.

Putin used it as an opportunity to slam “hasty and politically motivated moves in any sphere,” particularly with regards to energy issues. He said that making politically motivated moves to sanction the sale of energy from one country to another hurt the stability of the industry as well as the welfare and quality of life of millions of people globally.

Putin also had some major criticism for European Union leaders who had made reference to Russia’s refusal to increase the production and supply of gas even as the fuel prices were increasing in Europe. He insisted that Russia has “always been a reliable gas supplier” to consumers in Asia and Europe and has always met its obligations.

Not only is Russia going to be providing fuel to the United States thanks to President Joe Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline in Canada, but it looks like the ultra-authoritarian European Union is making the same mistake too.