Rand Paul Joins Democrat Law To Pass Anti-Lynching Act

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- After spending two years objecting to legislation designed to make lynching a federal hate crime – even though lynching isn’t exactly a modern crime – Republican Senator for Kentucky Rand Paul has signed on as a co-sponsor of a revised version of the bill that is expected to become law.

The Emmett Till Anti-Lunching Act, which was approved by the Senate with anonymous consent last week, was held up since it was first introduced in the spring of 2020. It led to several serious and tense exchanges between Republicans and Democrats. Senator Cory Brooker and former Senator Kamala Harris once locked horns with Senator Paul on the legislation, but Booker has since praised Paul for working with them to build a bipartisan version that they believe will “help pour nation move forward from some of its darkest chapters.”

It’s a little strange that Democrats are focusing on making crimes from history a federal crime…particularly when one considers the fact that Democrats are guilty of the modern-day lynching of conservatives.

Republicans have even been shot dead in the street during 2020’s Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots…

Initially, Senator Paul objected to the bill over language included in the text that he believes would have defined more minor crimes as lynching. His opposition ensured that Democrats couldn’t prosecute Republicans for “lynching” under some strange, new, and broad definition.

“This bill would cheapen the meaning of lynching by defining it so broadly as to include a minor bruise or abrasion,” Paul said in June 2020. “Our national history of racial terrorism demands more seriousness of us than that.”

The new bill doesn’t include this broad definition, thankfully, which is why Paul signed his name to it – but his objections potentially saved many people from being charged with a federal crime over minor offenses that the Democrats wanted to call “lynching.”

Redefining lynching would have also given the Left more ammunition to claim that racist crimes are on the rise.

Paul saw right through it and stopped them in their tracks.