READ: Trump Announces MAJOR Coronavirus Economic Relief For Workers

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( – As the coronavirus outbreak continues, it’s important you know what President Donald Trump is putting forward to help the American people.

On Monday, the president announced that his administration would proposal major relief to American workers to lawmakers in the hope that they pass it. President Trump plans to cut payroll taxis, give hourly workers economic relief, and even provided loans to small businesses to help them continue operating while the virus spreads.

Speaking to the nation’s press, President Trump said his government will take care of the American public and the American economy. “We are going to be asking tomorrow, we’re seeing the Senate, we’re going to be meeting with House Republicans, Mitch McConnell, everybody, and discussing a possible payroll tax cut or relief, substantial relief, very substantial relief, that’s a big number,” he said.

The president also explained how his administration would be talking to hourly wage earners “so that they can be in a position where they’re not ever going to miss a paycheck.”

“We’re going to be working with companies and small companies, large companies, a lot of companies, so they don’t get penalized for something that is not their fault, it’s not their fault.”

There is simply no way that Democrats, at a time when the nation needs to pull together, can claim the president is not doing all he can to minimize the impact of the coronavirus.

The disease, which originated in Wuhan, China, has already spread so widely across Italy that the nation is currently under lockdown. The United Kingdom has several hundred confirmed cases and is encouraging citizens to self-isolate.

“It’s not our country’s fault,” Trump said. “This was something that we were thrown into and we’re going to handle it and we have been handling it very well.”

Trump’s proposals are designed to reduce the financial impact of the virus on workers and business owners in the United States. If you are an hourly worker, you could soon receive protection that ensures you do not miss a paycheck if you are forced to stay home instead of going to work. If you are a small business suffering a loss in sales or struggling with staff, loans may soon be available to help reduce the financial impact of the virus.