REPORT: Schumer Had To Tell Feinstein To Step Down Twice Because She Couldn’t Remember

( A shocking new report from the New Yorker claims that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had to tell Senator Dianne Feinstein twice to step down as the chief Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee…because she forgot about having the first conversation.

The news outlet spoke to an anonymous source who said that Feinstein, who is 87 years old, “wasn’t really all that aware of the extent to which she’d been compromised.”

Feinstein reportedly forgot about a conversation she had with Schumer, in which he advised her to step down, prompting a second “distressing” conversation afterwards. The source described it as “like Groundhog day, but with the pain fresh each time.”

According to the report, Feinstein also has problems with her short-term memory, and that the issue is affecting her job. The ageing senator reportedly forgets having briefings with her staff and often gets upset when she is confused by the briefings. A source said that the attempts to get her to step down were like taking away car keys from an elderly relative.

Politics aside, nobody wants to see someone experience health problems in old age, but the Democrats appear to have allowed Feinstein to remain an elected official for many years after normal retirement age and even nominated a presidential candidate exhibiting clear signs of dementia.

The source even claimed that the staff has to work extra hard to hide the problem.

“The staff is in such a bad position,” a former Senate aide told the New Yorker. “They have to defend her and make her seem normal.”

Last month, Feinstein said that she intends to step down as the top Democrat in the Senate Judiciary Committee. She faced substantial backlash during the confirmation hearings of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, with far-left activists claiming she wasn’t harsh enough. Feinstein regularly receives criticism from the right, but her methods for questioning Coney Barrett during the hearings were far more traditional than her far-left colleagues.

And by “traditional,” we mean she didn’t accuse Amy Coney Barrett of being a gang rapist.

Feinstein’s term will end in 2024. She will be 91 years old. It will likely be her last term as a Senator but at this rate, who knows?