Republican Confidence In Big Tech And Big Business Drops, Poll Finds

( A new poll released on Monday by Gallup shows that Republicans are growing less and less confident in big business and big tech – news that might not seem surprising now, but would likely have been unexpected even just a decade ago.

The poll found that 61% of Republicans who responded said that they have either “some” or a “great deal” of confidence in big business, a drop of around 20 percentage points over just the last year.

Republicans have traditionally been the party of free enterprise, capitalism, and business – so the idea that Republicans have little faith in big business is a pretty shocking sign that the American economy and political system is changing. It also indicates that the Republican Party has been successfully transformed by former President Donald Trump into a populist political party that champions the interests of workers as well as businesses.

When narrowed in on big tech companies, the poll showed that only 52% of Republicans have confidence in that sector, which constituted a drop of 25 points over the last year.

Honestly, it’s kind of surprising that more than half of Republican respondents had any confidence whatsoever in big tech…

Gallup noted that Republicans are traditionally much more confident In big business and that the net confidence score for big business among Republicans has averaged at around +11 points between 1973 and 2020. The polling company also noted that Republican confidence in big business typically only drops during times of financial trouble, with notable years including 1981 and 2009.

Democrats, however, are growing more and more confident in big business. 60% of Democrats said that they have “some” or a “great deal” of confidence in big business, which was an increase of 7 points over last year. Furthermore, the poll found another 7 point increase in confidence in large technology companies.

Is it any wonder the Democrats love big business all of a sudden? Surely it has nothing to do with Big Tech and corporations supporting their anti-election-security push and their woke social agenda…