Republican RINO Refuses To Back Trump For 2024

( Jen Kiggans, a Republican candidate for the Virginia House, recently said she wouldn’t support former President Donald Trump if he were to run for the White House in 2024 against current President Joe Biden.

During a recent interview she gave on The John Fredericks Show, Kiggans expressed her thoughts, and was subsequently criticized for giving “consultant-driven” answers to the questions she was asked.

Kiggans was asked point blank by John Fredericks if she would support Trump if he were to run for president in 2024, with a hypothetical matchup against Biden, who would be running for re-election. The candidate, who wants to gain the Republican nomination in the 2nd District in Virginia, tried to deflect, saying that she’s “so focused on 2022 right now.”

Fredericks responded by saying it was a “consultant-driven answer” she gave. So, he pressed the candidate again about whether the lifelong Republican would support Trump in 2024.

She sounded to be giggling when she refused to answer his question directly, instead responding:

“Everybody should get on a ballot who wants to be on a ballot. So, it’s going to be a crowded field.”

She eventually said she’d support whoever the Republican nominee for president is in 2024, even if she didn’t say she’d directly support Trump. Kiggans has said she supports Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House, should the GOP retake control of the House of Representatives following next year’s midterm elections.

She called McCarthy a “leader” in the “fight” to overtake Democrats. Kiggans wasn’t timid about her support for the current minority leader in the House when she said:

“I would vote for Kevin McCarthy. He’s a leader in my fight. He’s a leader in my party … I will look forward to supporting Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.”

Kiggans believes that now is the time for a Republican woman to represent Virginia in Congress. The current state Senator would become the first and only woman to represent her state at the Capitol building if she were elected.

She may find some trouble gaining widespread support from Republicans throughout the state for such a big position, though. That’s because she has joined up with many radical Democrats several times to pass certain liberal legislation.

One is called the Equal Rights Amendment, which allows abortions to be performed on-demand. Another is the Virginia Values Act, a bill that’s pro-LGBT. Many leaders of the faith community have said the bill ends up “criminalizing Christianity.”

The incumbent in the 2nd District in Virginia is Elaine Luria, an ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Luria, though, was exposed recently for making several investments in Alibaba, an e-commerce platform from China. The U.S. State Department has flagged that company for helping the Communist party in China conduct espionage and military efforts against the U.S.

Many members of the government in China also sit on Alibaba’s board, and the U.S. has dubbed the company a “tool” for the CCP.