Republicans Hit Back At Kamala Harris’ “Racism” Claims

( According to a December report from the New York Times, Vice President Kamala Harris has told her allies that she would not be getting the kind of harsh media coverage if she was white and male. But two Republican women disagree.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and Senator Marsha Blackburn spoke with Fox News Digital about Kamala’s claim that her treatment in the press is due to her race and gender.

Both Blackburn and Stefanik note that the criticisms of Harris have absolutely nothing to do with her being a woman of color and everything to do with her incompetence.

Stefanik told Fox News Digital that Kamala’s failure to do anything about the crisis at the southern border is a policy criticism, not an attack on her physical attributes. It took Harris 90 days to head to the border. And even when she finally went to the border, Harris stayed clear of the region where the border crisis was at its most severe.

Stefanik argued that there’s nothing sexist or racist about pointing out that Kamala Harris has been a disaster on every policy issue Biden put her in charge of. She added that if Harris was put on a congressional ballot in any district of the country, she would lose, not because of racism or sexism, but because Kamala is incapable of making it through an interview without embarrassing herself.

Senator Blackburn added that the claims that Kamala’s polling is in the toilet because of racism and sexism are absurd. Her bad polling, like her bad press, has to do with Kamala’s failure to do her job.

Blackburn noted that conservative women are routinely mocked and maligned by the press and have been for years, adding that it’s something you have to learn to deal with without making excuses.

Blackburn believes by falling back on claims of sexism and racism Kamala Harris has squandered an opportunity to chart a new path for women in politics. Rather than prove herself, Blackburn explains, Harris chose to make excuses when she failed.

Blackburn said that Kamala Harris was perfectly positioned to stand up for women and girls in Afghanistan, secure the southern border, and reduce crime in American cities. Instead, she squandered the “historic opportunity” handed to her to complain about the same kind of bad press conservative women politicians “have been successfully navigating for decades.”

Blackburn added that Kamala Harris’ gender “is no excuse for her disastrous performance.”