Republicans Won EVERY “Toss-Up” House Race In 2020

( On Monday, when Burgess Owens won Utah’s 4th Congressional District, the Republicans could claim victory on every single one of the 27 House races that were described as “toss-ups” by pollsters and experts. Owns, a former NFL player and critic of far-left Colin Kaepernick took the seat from incumbent Democrat congressman Ben McAdams.

Conservative outlet The Daily Wire reported this week that the Owens race came as a surprise to experts, including the Cook Political Report that considered the race a “toss-up” with Owens running 11% behind the incumbent candidate in final polling.

11%? Just how wrong can polls get?

And before the 2020 election, Cook also listed a total of 27 races across the country as “toss-ups,” suggesting that either party could win. And every single one of those races that were deemed a “toss-up” was ultimately won by Republican candidates.

The data poses questions and problems. For House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, it’s the reason why it looks less likely that she will be re-elected House Speaker. And for the Democrats, it’s the reason why they are now engaged in an internal war over the future of their platform. It was a terrible night for Congressional Democrats and sets the stage for Republicans once again taking the House in 2022.

It flies in the face of the predicted “Blue Wave” that would allow the Democrats to increase their majority in the House. Instead, the Democrats now only have 14 seats more than the Republicans.

Republicans even picked up seats in California, with two female Korean candidates making history in the party in the overwhelmingly left-leaning state.

Just how wrong can the polls get?