Rioters Tear Down FREDERICK DOUGLASS Statue…But Why?

( Remember when the rioters were tearing down statues in the name of opposing the Confederacy and slavery, despite both of those things coming to an end hundreds of years ago? Well, it looks like it was all just a giant excuse to cause chaos, because over the Independence Day weekend, rioters tore down a statue of abolitionist black American Frederick Douglass in Rochester, New York.

FOX 2 shared a photo of the ground where the statue once stood, reporting that it was removed from its base and taken from the site over the July 4th weekend.

Rochester Police are now investigating the damage done to the statue, which once stood in Maplewood Park. Little is known about the circumstances under which it was torn down, presumably because people were busy celebrating America. Police understand that it was successfully torn from its base and dragged 50 feet away from where it was stood, where it was abandoned, left-leaning against a fence near the Genesee River gorge.

In addition to being ripped from the base, one of the fingers on the left side of the statue was damaged. Any hope of reinstating the statue was slashed by the fact that so much damage was caused. Local media reported that the statue was removed and handed to professionals who are working on repairing it before it is erected again.

FOX 2 also reported that it was one of 13 statues of the legendary abolitionist erected around the Rochester area in 2018, in celebration of his 200th birthday. Back in 2018, two teenagers vandalized one of the statues, but they weren’t ideologically motivated – they were drunk.

The insanity of tearing down a Frederick Douglass statue was recognized all over the country when the news hit national headlines. This was a man who not only supported the emancipation of the slaves but was a close friend of President Abraham Lincoln. Speeches made by Douglass are even regularly quoted by members of the Black Lives Matter movement, in particular one where he called the 4th July celebrations a “sham” – they always conveniently miss out the parts later in that speech where he praises the founding principles of the United States.

Hey, maybe they finally read the full speech and realized Douglass actually quite liked America. Perhaps that’s why the statue was torn down!