Roger Stone Says Trump Will Crush Ron DeSantis

( Roger Stone, the legendary political operative who was one of the earliest advisors to work with candidate Donald Trump ahead of the 2016 presidential elections, recently said that the former president would “crush” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis if they were to go head to head for the 2024 Republican presidential primary nomination.

During an interview with Frank Morano on “The Other Side of Midnight,” Stone was asked whether the Trump-DeSantis feud is real or whether the media is hyping it up.

Stone responded by parroting a common Trump line.

“I believe in loyalty,” he said.

Stone said that before Trump offered his endorsement of DeSantis for governor, he was a “little-known congressman with an ill-fitting suit, a bad haircut, and an undistinguished record.”

Ouch. That sounds an awful lot like Stone isn’t happy with him…which makes it sound like the feud is real.

He then said that Trump needed to Come to Florida the last two weeks of his campaign to “drag DeSantis.” He described the governor as a “lackluster campaigner” who needed to be dragged over the finish last after losing two debates to the Democrat he was running against.

Stone also said that he owes President Donald Trump his political career and should give him “wide berth,” adding that e has plenty of time to run for president and needs to focus on running for re-election in 2022.

It comes amidst widespread reporting about former President Trump’s feelings on the possibility of DeSantis running for president next time around. Trump also appeared to take a veiled shot at DeSantis recently, slamming politicians who won’t admit if they have taken the COVID-19 booster shot. He made the comment after DeSantis refused to tell the media whether he had taken it.

“I watched a couple of politicians be interviewed and one of the questions was… ‘Did you get the booster?’” Trump said. “Because they had the vaccine and they’re answering like, in other words, the answer is, ‘Yes’ but they don’t want to say it. Because they’re gutless.”

It sounds like the feud is…real.

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