Roger Stone Tells Supporters Not To Follow Fake Account Pretending To Be Him

( Roger Stone has slammed a QAnon influencer who dubbed herself “Queen of Canada” after using his name and image to solicit funds online.

Stone cautioned his Telegram followers to beware of this scam while posting a far-left article explaining why he is upset with notorious conspiracy theorist Romana Didulo.

According to reports, Didulo has been on a tour throughout Canada for several months, telling her fans that she is the actual leader of the country. During the trip, Didulo also persuaded her supporters to avoid paying their bills and told them to try citizen arrests of police officers in Ontario.

Didulo was arrested in November of 2021 after allegedly encouraging her loyal followers to kill healthcare staff.

In August, a fake and now-deleted Telegram account impersonating Stone surfaced. The page shared a video that seemed to show Stone supporting Didulo.
Didulo later posted the footage on her Telegram page with 58,000 followers.

In response to the video, Stone told the far-left outlet that he had no knowledge or record of any fundraising by or for Didulo.

Stone explained that it was possible that someone commissioned a Cameo video. Cameo is an app that allows users to pay celebrities and well-known personalities to record personalized messages. Stone has an official Cameo profile and claims he was advised what to say in the message without knowing who Didulo is or what the video will be used for.

Reports show Dr. Christine Sarteschi, an extremism researcher who follows Didulo on Twitter, published the video while noting the likelihood that it is a deep fake. A technology tool that can animate people’s faces and mimic their voices to make it appear as though they are uttering words they never spoke.

In another Telegram message, Didulo invited people to contribute what they could to help pay for Didulo’s tour, saying that Roger Stone would be matching any donations made.  Roger stone denied any such claim.

Didulo is reported to have earned almost $6,000 after distributing donation calls from the fake Stone Telegram account, with one person donating $3,000. Dr. Sarteschi stated that while Didulo routinely solicits funds from her devoted followers.

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