Romney Asking For More COVID Relief (REPORT)

( Mitt Romney is really asking for it…and by “it,” we mean more COVID relief.

…and by more COVID relief, we mean capitulating to Democrat big spending demands!

On Monday, the so-called Republican Senator for Utah joined other leaders from his state on calling for talks on COVID relief to restart, suggesting that Republicans should be willing to give in to Democrat demands on big spending.

Before the November presidential election, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously refused to negotiate with Republicans on a fresh round of COVID relief to American workers and businesses, insisting that the federal government spend hundreds of billions of dollars on green initiatives and giving free money to illegal aliens.

On Monday, Politico reported that Romney had joined an informal group of Democrats and Republicans in the Senate. Most of the discussions reportedly took place over the telephone rather than in person in the Senate building, and negotiations also reportedly took place between the group during the Thanksgiving recess.

Romney appears to be one of the architects of a $908 billion emergency relief package that is currently doing the rounds, and which some outlets claim Republicans are beginning to support. The massive bill, which is roughly twice the size of a deal proposed by the Republicans, but is also a climb down from the $2.2 trillion package crafted by House Democrats back In September.

Yes, you read that right – trillion with a T!

During a press conference on Capitol Hill, Romney described how COVID has “created a crisis” and that “in a crisis, the people expect Congress to act.”

“And this group has come together to propose action,” he said about the bipartisan group of legislators.

Under the massive proposed spending package, Americans would be given an additional $300 per week in federal unemployment benefits for the next 18 weeks. Democrats previously sought $600 per week, which was the number offered in the first round of COVID relief.

Republicans argued that refusing to reduce the amount offered in unemployment would incentivize people not to search for new work opportunities as the economy recovers, as many people earned more while receiving unemployment during the early COVID lockdowns than they did beforehand.

The climb down from the Democrats on this issue is significant but also proves that they refused to climb down before the election primarily for political purposes.

A total of $288 billion would be made available to the Paycheck Protection Program under the proposed relief package, which will help small businesses stay open. That’s especially important in Democrat-run states where so-called “non-essential” businesses are being forced to close during new lockdowns.

$45 billion would also be given to airlines and transit companies, and student loan payments will continue to be deferred.

Romney said that despite being a “deficit hawk” he supported the massive bill.

“I don’t like borrowing money. I don’t like spending money we don’t have. But the time to borrow money – maybe the only time to borrow money – is when there is a crisis,” he said. “This is a crisis. We want to help people.”

Do you think Republicans should accept the deal, or keep pushing for a slimmed-down package?