Romney Flips Out Over Reports Of Trump’s Phone Call To January 6th “Witness”

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( Sen. Mitt Romney (RINO, Utah) hysterically voiced concern last Wednesday in response to the House select committee’s assertion that the former president allegedly sought to call a witness who had not yet participated in the committee’s open sessions.
Reports show Romney described the accusation as “extremely serious” and shot down the idea that Trump may have accidentally pocket-dialed the witness. He said he couldn’t imagine why Donald Trump would have a witness on his cellphone, making a pocket dial, so that’s not very credible. If, in fact, he was calling a witness, that allegation is very serious, he pearl-clutched.

During her concluding remarks at the hearing last Tuesday, House Jan. 6 committee Vice Chair and wicked witch of Wyoming Liz Cheney mentioned the alleged attempted contact by Trump.
Cheney stated that the committee had informed the Justice Department of the situation and issued a warning, saying they would take any attempt to sway witness evidence very seriously.

Whatever, Liz.
According to reports, Taylor Budowich, a representative for former President Donald Trump, responded angrily to Cheney’s assertion. He said on Twitter that Liz Cheney continues to trade in innuendo and falsehoods that go uncontested, unsubstantiated, but repeated as fact because the narrative is more important than the truth.

A Newsmax host suggested that Trump may have “butt-dialed” the witness.
“Hey, maybe it was a butt-dial. Tell the Justice Department that,” They take themselves so seriously, said Newsmax host Greg Kelly.

Meanwhile, the betting site PredictIt shows that Harriet Hageman, backed by former President Donald Trump, will defeat Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in the Republican primary on August 16.

Polling numbers mirror Hageman’s odds. One month before the election, she is ahead in the polls by 28 and 30 points.

As for Mitt Romney, like the late Democrat Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, nobody can find anyone who would admit to voting for him.