Ron DeSantis Celebrates Freedom On Labor Day

( Florida Governor Ron DeSantis used the Labor Day holiday to take a victory lap over how his state protected Florida workers’ right to earn a living during the COVID pandemic.

In a tweet on Monday, DeSantis said he was glad that Florida protected its workers’ right to earn a living even while “many other states did not.”

He also boasted that Florida’s rate of employment is higher today than it was even before the pandemic.

DeSantis’ decision to defy the herd and reopen Florida early on the pandemic has the state reaping the benefit. Unemployment in Florida dropped to only 2.7 percent by July, the lowest unemployment in the state since the start of the pandemic. Since 1976, Florida has only reached such a low unemployment rate three times.

Florida’s labor force increased 2.8 percent from July 2021 to July 2022, growing by 291,000 workers.

DeSantis attributed the state’s success to his “freedom-first policies.”

On Tuesday, Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis shared the governor’s latest campaign ad that promotes his putting Florida workers first.