Ron DeSantis Comes Out Swinging Against “Woke” Disney

( Just one day after agreeing to meet with Bob Chapek, the Walt Disney Company CEO who spoke out against the mislabeled “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, Ron DeSantis put “woke” Disney in a sleeper hold.

Speaking at a Boca Raton rally, DeSantis, who has taken umbrage with the Parental Rights in Education bill being smeared as anti-gay, has said that he stands behind the best interests of Florida citizens. His spokesperson, Christina Pushaw, said the governor’s position “has not changed.” The bill has been passed by both the state house and the state senate.

The “enemedia” has maliciously framed the bill as homophobic, anti-gay and “unwoke” , when it simply delays the students from being introduced to the “small world” of gender fluidity until the fourth grade. Pressing children into wondering if they are a prince, a princess, or something in between, will wait until they are 9 years-old.

Disney, who is ostensibly a family friendly corporation which largely caters to the under fourth grade crowd, is on board with all things LGBTQ+ and sought to put pressure on the governor after being pressured by its shareholders to speak out against the Florida bill.

DeSantis reminded Disney that they make a fortune by catering to families and small children. “They should understand that parents of young kids do not want this injected into their kid’s kindergarten classroom,” DeSantis chided.

DeSantis is unwavering in his support for parents who do not want their kid’s kindergarten classrooms to have queer advocacy on the curriculum, and won’t be threatened by the “musings of woke corporations.” He reminded everyone that the bill only bans planned lessons, while his critics claim that the word “gay” cannot be uttered.

See DeSantis discussing the issue here –

Disney has shown they can be a mouthpiece for the sexually “woke,” but how far will they go on the grounds of the Magic Kingdom? Will Donald’s nephews be Huey, Dewey and Louise, anytime soon? We shall see.