Ron DeSantis Is Quietly Courting John Cornyn in D.C.

There has been speculation that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is gearing up to launch his 2024 presidential campaign, despite not formally announcing his run and repeatedly saying that he intends to finish his term as governor. But a new report from National File alleges that the governor is seeking support from Republican warmongers. 

During an event, reporters Charles Downs and Patrick Howley asked Texas Senator John Cornyn if he supported former President Trump’s attempt to seek peace in Ukraine. The senator did not answer.

The video circulating Twitter prompted some pushback from DeSantis supporters. Some users commented that Trump is also surrounding himself with warmongers as he runs his campaign, such as Lindsey Graham. 

Other Republican members of Congress, however, do not appear to be supporting the governor and instead are showing their support for Trump. Texas Representative Lance Gooden recently met with DeSantis and stated that while the meeting was positive, he chooses to endorse Trump. He noted the “commendable” work DeSantis has done for the state of Florida but concluded that Trump is the only candidate that can lead the country on a host of important issues, such as the economy, the military, and the radical agenda of the left. 

Trump reportedly leads DeSantis by double digits ahead of the GOP 2024 primary. But while the former president is more popular with Republicans, in key battleground states, DeSantis fares better than Biden, according to Interactive Polls. In Pennsylvania, DeSantis has a three-point lead, whereas Biden holds a four-point lead over Trump. In Arizona, DeSantis holds a six-point lead over Biden, but Biden leads Trump by one point. 

Biden is also leading Trump in favorability by 10 points. Trump is experiencing some pushback from people who say that following his indictment he should suspend his campaign.