Ron DeSantis Rejected Offer To Attend White House Correspondents’ Dinner

( To be clear, Gov. Ron DeSantis was never going to “nerd prom.”

The Florida Republican said Monday that his office “rejected” an invitation to Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner. He called it a “lie” for organizers to link his name to the event.

On Monday, at a press conference in Jacksonville, DeSantis said that publicizing he was going to the dinner when his office declined the invitation was a lie. They claim to be paragons of truth, yet they are lying about something easily verifiable.

The governor’s name was on the program even though he wasn’t there, and The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah pretended DeSantis was in the crowd before launching into a series of gags about his feud with former President Donald Trump.

Trump and DeSantis have downplayed disagreements that have become public at times. Ahead of the 2024 presidential election, many expect Trump to run again. If Trump does not run, DeSantis is the only plausible primary contender.

Noah said Saturday night that one of his favorites, Ron DeSantis, was there. He said he was astonished he found time since he’s been working hard, busy trying to outmaneuver Trump in 2024.

“Yes, Ron. I see you,” Noah said.

Meanwhile, Trump attempted to urge individuals to get the Covid-19 booster injection in January and criticized lawmakers who wouldn’t say if they took it “gutless.” DeSantis has evaded inquiries about his booster status.

”Yeah, I’ve seen you are blaming Trump for the lockdowns, distancing yourself from the vaccinations he created with his own two hands,” Noah sarcastically added.

DeSantis has mostly downplayed his presidential ambitions, focusing his political and policy efforts on national issues that fire up the Republican base. In the last year, he has gained near-rockstar status among Republicans around the country, winning many 2024 straw polls without Trump.

DeSantis recently addressed the matter on The Truth with Lisa Boothe, a conservative television personality from Florida.

The governor said that It demonstrates that people want to see leaders who will stand up and fight for the people, knowing they will face arrows and have to be in the kitchen when it gets hot.

He then asked who would step up and lead us out of this morass?