Ron DeSantis Shovels Pizza on Air After Trump Said He’d Work at A Pizza Parlor If It Weren’t for Him

The back and forth between presidential hopefuls Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is ongoing.

The latest episode could accurately be called “Pizzagate.”

During an interview with Fox News anchor Jesse Watters on Thursday, Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis was seen placing the pizza in a coal-fired oven. 

This unusual DeSantis appearance comes only a few months after ex-President Donald Trump quipped that without his influence, DeSantis would be working at a “pizza parlor.”

“New York City is making an absurd move to outlaw coal-fired pizza ovens, claiming they contribute to global warming,” Watters commented on his Thursday show, Jesse Watters Primetime. 

“When the DeSantis campaign heard this, they contacted me, inviting me to share a pizza slice with the governor. I agreed, and we decided to go to Grimaldi’s.”

Following these remarks, Watters showcased a clip of himself and DeSantis in the Grimaldi’s kitchen, in the company of the restaurant’s chef.

“We’ve just eliminated sales tax on gas stoves in Florida. We’re planning to implement a similar measure for these coal-fired ovens. 

So, if NYC Pizza needs to find a new home in Florida, we’re all set to welcome you with open arms,” DeSantis shared with the chef.

Subsequently, the Florida governor put a pizza into the oven and settled down for a conversation with Watters while they dined.

Watters then pointed out, “So this is the coal-fired oven pizza that, according to authorities, is harmful to the environment.”

“Let’s dig in,” he proposed, and they both began to enjoy their pizza.

“Wow, this is good,” DeSantis commented, his mouth still full of pizza.

Back in March, while in conversation with Fox News presenter Sean Hannity, Trump asserted that without his assistance in winning the 2018 Florida gubernatorial election, DeSantis “would be either in a pizza joint or a law firm at the moment, and he wouldn’t be content.”

Fast forward a month, Trump visited a pizza place in Florida, asking his supporters, “Would anyone like a piece I’ve had a bite of?”