Ron DeSantis Soars To Top Of GOP Poll Along With Trump

( The American Conservative Union wrapped up its CPAC conference in Dallas Texas weekend with the traditional Presidential straw poll. Both former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came out the winners.

Instead of a single straw poll, as they did back in February CPAC offered two – one with a list of potential candidates that included Donald Trump, and a second with a list of candidates that didn’t include Donald Trump.

In the first, President Trump blew everyone away – carrying 70 percent of the vote. Governor Ron DeSantis came in second place with 21 percent – everyone else on the list either squeaked in with 1% of the vote or got zero.

Among those who didn’t get a single vote were RINO Republicans Mitt Romney, John Kasich, and Larry Hogan.

Establishment GOP darling Nikki Haley got 1%. That will be bad news for the Jeb! donors who are lining up behind her.

In the straw poll without Trump, DeSantis was far and away the leader with 68% of the vote. Following in a distant second place was former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (5%), while in third place was Donald Trump Junior (4%).

Despite the Establishment’s hope that Post-Trump would be a return to the era of Surrender, even the Trump-free straw poll leaves no doubt that America First is still the direction of the Republican Party.

In the presidential straw approval poll conducted at the Western Conservative Summit back in June, Ron DeSantis edged past President Trump with 74.12% approval to Trump’s 71.43%. Far behind in third place was Ted Cruz (42.86%) followed by Mike Pompeo (39.35%). Senator Tim Scott rounded out the top five with 35.58% approval.

At the February CPAC in Florida, Trump won the straw poll with 55 percent of the vote. DeSantis received the same percentage in February (21%) as he did this weekend.

Without Trump in the mix, the February CPAC straw poll had DeSantis winning with 43 percent of the vote.

So it is clear that conservatives are coalescing behind America Firsters like Trump and DeSantis.

It remains to be seen if President Trump will even jump into the 2024 race. He has been playing it coy – telling Sean Hannity recently that he has made up his mind, but not saying what decision he’s made.