Ron DeSantis Warns CDC Is Secretly “Mandating” A Vaccine Passport

( Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned this week that even though the cruise industry has finally begun to open up, operators may feel compelled to introduce new vaccine passport systems either as a result of social or government pressure. The Republican governor warned cruise operators, however, that they must abide by a new Florida law that bans the use of vaccine passports.

Speaking to Breitbart, DeSantis explained how the cruise industry is currently caught in the middle between his state-wide order requiring that businesses do not discriminate against customers based on race, and guidelines and mandates from the Centers for Disease Control.

For instance, the CDC gave the “Celebrity Edge” cruise ship permission to sail from Port Everglades earlier this month, but all guests onboard over the age of 16 were required to be fully vaccinated to get on board. If done today, it would fly in the face of an order by Governor DeSantis that cruise companies do not discriminate and do not inquire whether their customers have received the vaccine or not.

As of June 1, any cruise company requiring customers to take the vaccine will fall foul of the new law, and DeSantis told Breitbart that he will enforce it.

“These cruise lines will abide by Florida law,” he said, adding that a couple of cruise operators have said that they intend to do it. He explained that the CDC, however, was effectively mandating vaccine passports.

The governor also reminded people that some 100 million Americans have already recovered from COVID-19, meaning that they have immunity from the virus regardless of whether or not they have received the vaccine.

DeSantis said that if the CDC would “take their boot off” the cruise industry then they would all return to Florida and sail from the state. He explained that allowing cruise liners to sail but with all these new regulations and mandates is not helping the industry at all.

The previous cases of cruise operators requiring all guests to be vaccinated was not a business choice, therefore, but a government choice.

During the interview, he predicted that Florida will come to “some sort of mediated agreement” where cruise liners can finally get out onto the water with fewer restrictions.