Ron DeSantis’ Wife Becomes A Propaganda Target

There was significant activity on Twitter last Friday regarding a recent article about Casey DeSantis, the spouse of Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis.

On Friday morning, Politico published a featured article. In it, they referred to Casey DeSantis as “blindly ambitious” and “seeing ghosts in every corner,” while a second source said she is “more paranoid than he is.” 

Michael Kruse wrote the Politico profile of Casey DeSantis, describing her as a 42-year-old former television journalist, mother, and breast cancer survivor with a charismatic personality. However, the article also portrayed her as a Shakespearean figure who could cause her husband’s downfall.

The piece alleges that Casey can improve some of the effects of Ron’s idiosyncrasies.

She can amplify his arrogance, paranoia, and ambition because they both possess those qualities.

Additionally, a former campaign official spoke to the outlet. He is a vindictive person. She is two times greater than that. She is the person who keeps score.

Ron DeSantis referred to the article as a “hatchet job” written by liberal “bottom-feeders” who aimed to criticize his family due to his right-wing beliefs, and if she belonged to the Democratic party, the media would be praising her for being attractive and intelligent.

DeSantis stated on Thursday that the author had relied on unnamed sources and individuals unfamiliar with Casey to criticize his family.

He claimed that his wife is a powerful woman and made a huge difference in Florida, which is why they are doing it.

“The left and the media know — people love her. She is highly respected in this state. He continued by saying that she was a powerful political ally.

When she is in Iowa with me, people speak highly of her. They fear her because they recognize her as a highly capable individual. 

DeSantis noted that the media is not targeting other candidates’ spouses because they do not see them as a danger.

The Governor, who graduated from Yale College and Harvard Law School, earned $8.2 million in the first 24 hours of the announcement, $2 million more than Joe Biden’s earnings in 2019, despite some difficulties.