Ron Paul Doesn’t Understand Why He Was Censored

(TheLibertyRevolution)- Libertarian legend and former Republican Representative for Texas, Ron Paul, told “Your World” host Neil Cavuto on Tuesday that he had been censored by social media platform Facebook and he didn’t know why.

Paul, the father of libertarian Republican Senator Rand Paul and the host of the “Liberty Report” program which is aired online, said that he had been publishing political commentary regularly since 1956 and that this was the first time he had ever been stopped from doing so.

Paul insisted that Facebook had placed restrictions on his account, while Facebook claimed otherwise. The social media giant said that an administrator who ran Paul’s page had been restricted by mistake, but Paul told Cavuto that he simply didn’t know what had happened.

“They never told me what it was. If they’re looking for errors, as a non-interventionist in all forms of government, I know a lot of people that I think are involved in things that they shouldn’t be doing,” he said.

“This whole thing is a bit bizarre…I really wonder about it. Because when you think of it, you know, why could I be a threat? Neil, you’ve known me for a long time. I don’t threaten people. I have a philosophy of non-violence. All of a sudden, you know, I’m a threat and they use words when they talk about locking down on programs, that is a form of terrorism and all of these other things.”

Paul’s experience with Facebook comes as conservatives face the biggest purging on social media networks ever. Twitter, the microblogging site popular with political pundits and activists, has reportedly deleted more than 70,000 accounts that post conservative views and ideas.

The Ron Paul Liberty Report has almost 300,000 followers on YouTube and is also published on Facebook.

On January 12, Paul published an episode in which he discussed the restrictions being put in place by social media giants and Big Tech.

Following the unrest on Capitol Hill on January 6, which President Donald Trump roundly condemned and encouraged people to avoid, Twitter chose to ban the president permanently from its platform citing a risk of violence.

In what universe does Donald Trump and Ron Paul support violence and deserve to be banned from the Internet?

Let’s hope things don’t get too much worse the next four years…