Three-Legged Deer Rescued After Getting Tangled In Christmas Lights

( The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife employees have been hailed as holiday heroes after assisting an unusual deer going through a hellish holiday experience.

The deer in question only has three legs. This earned the buck his nickname – “Tripod.”

Tripod lives in Dallas, Oregon. Recently, he required the assistance of officials from the wildlife department after becoming entangled in a string of Christmas lights wrapped around its antlers. This week, the agency announced on Twitter that it had “darted it” and “removed the lights.”

The dilemma that the buck found himself in was not an isolated occurrence. In the month of November, officials from ODFW assisted another deer that was having the same issue.

“Bucks rub their antlers on trees, bushes, and other objects in September to get rid of velvet,” ODFW wrote on Facebook.

Bucks rub their antlers on trees, bushes, and other objects to mark territory and show dominance against other bucks during the rut, which lasts from October until mid-December.

(If you have deer coming to your property, hang lights higher up in the trees, where the bucks won’t be able to reach them.)

The stories of the two bucks may have had happy conclusions, but it’s not always a happy ending for animals that get caught on things like light strings, hammocks, or volleyball nets. In this case, the two bucks were lucky.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) responded to comments made on Facebook about bucks and lights by pointing out that some animals do not make it through the winter if they get too hung up and are unable to eat, drink, or escape from potential predators.

The Christmas story about the deer with three legs brings to light a potential drawback of holiday decorations; however, it is worthwhile to celebrate Tripod’s resiliency and the humans who assisted him in his time of need.

According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Tripod’s missing leg has completely healed and appears to get around just fine.