Rudy Giuliani Reveals When Fox News Really Banned Him

( Last week, Politico reported that Fox News banned Rudy Giuliani from appearing on the cable news network for nearly three months now. According to the report, the former New York mayor was set to appear on Fox & Friends on September 11, but the night before, host Pete Hegseth called Giuliani to tell him he’d been cut.

According to Politico’s sources, this decision to ban both Giuliani and his son Andrew “comes from the top.”

While appearing on Greg Kelly’s Newsmax show last Friday, Rudy Giuliani said that his ban from Fox came at the same time Fox News began extensively reporting on how other news outlets are corroborating the New York Post story on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Giuliani seemed miffed that he wasn’t being brought on to discuss the story since he was the one who initially supplied the evidence to the New York Post last year.

But the Politico report about Giuliani’s ban from Fox mentions nothing about Hunter’s laptop. Though, it does have quite a bit to say about both Giuliani and Fox News being sued by Dominion Voting Systems.

The assumption for Politico is that Fox, in an effort not to compound the problem in the middle of this lawsuit, is keeping Giuliani at bay so he can’t make additional claims of voter fraud that could get Fox into even more legal trouble.

Politico also indicates that it looks as if Fox News is also keeping some former Trump aides from appearing for much the same reason.

If this is the case, you can understand Fox News’ position. They’re already getting sued by Dominion for claims made on the air. It would make sense for Fox’s legal team to urge a ban on guests who, in the past, have been talking about the 2020 election just to make sure Dominion gets no more ammunition for its lawsuit against Fox News.

Is it slimy or disloyal? Perhaps. But Dominion is taking Fox to court for millions; they’re not taking them to small claims court.

In fairness, other than mentioning that his ban and the Hunter corroboration happened at the same time, Giuliani doesn’t out and out say the Hunter Laptop story is the reason he was banned.

But Giuliani does seem especially frustrated that, because of this ban, he is unable to appear on Fox to discuss the Hunter story just as it is once again heating up.