Rudy Giuliani Says “Due Process” Must Prevail In Andrew Cuomo Case

( If anyone knows about the dangers of jettisoning the presumption of innocence, it is former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani – who himself has been on the receiving end of the erosion of due process.

After New York Attorney General Letitia James released her report alleging that Governor Andrew Cuomo had sexually harassed a number of women and possibly violated both state and federal law, Giuliani criticized the media, politicians and the public for declaring Cuomo guilty of the accusations before he had his day in court.

Tuesday night on Twitter, Giuliani pointed out that while Cuomo may in fact be guilty, in America “we used to have trials before convictions.” Reminding his followers that this is exactly what Democrats tried to deny Donald Trump, Giuliani admitted that there would be poetic justice in treating Cuomo the same way Trump was treated. However Giuliani argued that it would be “unjust, dangerous, and entirely un-American.”

Giuliani also had harsh words for those on the right who claim to be “protectors of due process” when it came to Donald Trump, but “have convicted Cuomo” based on a report from the same people who have been trying to frame the former President for crimes he didn’t commit.

It was NY AG Letitia James who ran for office vowing to take out Trump. She vowed to use the power of the Attorney General to investigate every nook and cranny of Donald Trump’s life and business in order to find something, anything, to prosecute him for.

Giuliani is right. The same people who condemned James’ politically-motivated investigation against Trump are now celebrating her politically-motivated investigation against Andrew Cuomo.

And make no mistake, it is in part politically-motivated.

Letitia James hopes to launch a primary challenge to Cuomo in 2022. What better way to damage the incumbent that turn his life upside down and accuse him of breaking the law?

Note that what James released was a report, not a criminal indictment. In fact, the AG’s report will not result in criminal charges against Andrew Cuomo.

That isn’t to say the accusations are not true. In all likelihood, some of them are. But to believe that Letitia James is a completely non-political actor in this is naïve.

In his Twitter thread, Giuliani pointed out that the truth behind these sexual harassment charges should only be determined by an impeachment trial and/or an indictment. Likewise, he added, the same goes for the alleged cover-up of the nursing home scandal.

At this stage, even impeachment is not a certainty. Tuesday, Carl Heastie, the Speaker of the New York State Assembly, released a statement saying that Governor Cuomo could face an impeachment trial. “Could,” not “will.”

Letitia James’ report is looking more and more like opposition research than anything else. The objective less about bringing Cuomo to justice than convicting Cuomo in the court of public opinion in order to harm him politically.