Russia Has New “Cannibals” To Unleash

( Jack Buckby of reported the shocking moment the Wagner Group chief said Russian soldiers were becoming “Cannibals” in Ukraine.

The leader of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, declared in a video that British media published online that his most recent recruits from Russian prisons would prove to be ‘real cannibals’ on the battlefield.

In the video, Prigozhin can be seen at a facility where Russian soldiers are being trained to join his private paramilitary organization. The area is located in the southern Krasnodar region in the Russian village of Molkino.

The term ‘cannibal’ does not imply they will consume human flesh. Instead, Prigozhin seemed to describe the recruits’ will to fight.

The report shows that criminals who have been promised pardons if they fight in Ukraine for six months include murderers, rapists, thieves, and other criminals among the soldiers Wagner has previously and currently enlisted. After six months of service, many of the soldiers Wagner recruited have already been released.

The Wagner Group is known as a Russian paramilitary organization.

Wikipedia reports that The Wagner Group has been referred to as a private military company (PMC), a network of mercenaries, or de facto Vladimir Putin’s personal army. In Russia, where private military contractors are officially prohibited, the group operates outside the law.

Buckby’s report shows the Wagner chief, Yevgeny Prigozhin, claimed that skilled Russian soldiers were present at the training field, aiding in preparing soldiers for battle.

Videos of Prigozhin visiting the Wagner facility in Molkino, paying a visit to injured soldiers, and touring a cemetery have recently been shared on social media.

Other videos show Prigozhin distributing hatchets and sledgehammers to Wagner fighters and militiamen from Belgorod and Kursk.

An ex-Wagner mercenary, Andrei Medvedev, currently seeking asylum in Norway, spoke to the media about the brutality he saw as a private soldier.

Medvedev claimed Wagner soldiers were frequently given insufficient information and instructions before being sent into battle. They would round up those who did not want to fight and shoot them in front of newcomers.

They would then be buried in the trenches dug by the trainees.