Russian Embassy In D.C. Becomes A Target Of Ukraine Flag Prank

( A group of pro-Ukraine activists, led by Anti-Trump Resistance lawyer Benjamin Wittes last week decided to stage a protest by illuminating the colors of the Ukrainian flag onto the Russian embassy in Washington, DC.

Take that, Putin!

That’ll show him.

Wittes chronicled the prank by posting updates and a live stream video on Twitter.

Using a bank of fourteen stage lights, the protesters beamed the blue and yellow Ukraine flag onto the building from across the street. According to Wittes, the prank was “weeks in the making,” as the activists solicited donations of the lights and tried to noodle out exactly how to project the colored lights onto the embassy from a distance.

Originally, they had attempted to project the colored lights from a rooftop deck of a building across the street from the embassy. When that didn’t work, they had to bring the lights down to street level and try again.

According to the Washington Post, Wittes was trying to find the “most invasive, obtrusive, obnoxious” prank he could think of that wouldn’t cause harm to the Russian diplomats, explaining that he doesn’t want to make it uncomfortable to be “a Russian diplomat in the United States right now.”

Watch the live stream:

Next weekend, Wittes is planning “Operation Sunflower Planting.” The objective is to plant sunflowers in the field across from the gates of the Russian embassy. The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower.