Russian Operatives Named Behind World Leader’s Plane Crash

( A Polish government special panel has confirmed that the 2010 aircraft accident in Russia, which killed President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others, was the product of a Russian murder plot.

The latest of the commission’s reports, released Monday, claims that the April 10, 2010 crash of a Soviet-made Tu-154M plane, which killed Kaczynski, the first lady, and 94 other government and armed forces figures, as well as many prominent Poles, was caused by the intentional detonation of planted explosives.

Their deaths were caused by an act of unlawful intervention by the Russian side, according to Antoni Macierewicz, the president of the inquiry.

Macierewicz served as Poland’s defense minister from 2015 to 2018.

Macierewicz said that the significant and irrefutable indication of the interference was an explosion in the plane’s left wing, followed by a blast in the plane’s center.

Despite the terrible weather at the crash, he denied that the Polish pilots or crew members made any mistakes.

The study reiterates many of the prior claims made by the panel, which was created by the government and whose central character is Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the twin of the late president.

It comes at a time when Russia has launched a war against Poland’s neighbor Ukraine and when ties between Warsaw and Moscow are at an all-time low. Poland backs Ukraine in its fight against Russia, asking for substantial penalties against Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

In what appears to be an effort to solidify the voting base of the Law and Justice party, which was formed by the Kaczynski brothers in 2001, the current study incites hostility toward Russia among some Poles, primarily supporters of the nationalist government.

Russia’s unwillingness to repatriate the debris, which has hindered Poland’s inquiry, has added suspicions.

Earlier, two different assessments by Polish and Russian specialists concluded that the disaster on approach in deep fog to the Smolensk airport, which lacked advanced aviation technology, was caused by human errors committed in severe meteorological circumstances. They found no proof of foul play.

In 2011, a Russian inquiry concluded that the Smolensk plane disaster was caused by pilot error. Investigators believe that Polish crew members ignored adverse weather warnings at the time because they didn’t want to offend Kaczynski.

Not only did the Russians deny responsibility for Kaczynski’s death, their report audaciously indicates that he played a small tangential role in his demise.